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I said the above to a fan,

Who said my stuff fit the plan…

Wisdom heeded

Exactly when needed,

She needed an extra fan.

Wrote one for my friend, Nina,

Spur-of-the moment–you should have seen her…

Coming ’round in a blur,

Hearing it was for her

Her “first” poem…with a bright patina!

I’m pleasantly surprised some

Still want the poems to come…

Giving E-addresses

Beyond work expresses

The Lord using me–heart strings to strum.

–Jonathan Caswell




Isn’t it nice to know

That whichever way you go…

You can be there

With savoir faire,

As you experientially grow!  🙂


–Jonathan Caswell





He’s collected Bibles for fun,

Without reading much in each one…

It’s totally deploring

He insists on ignoring

The word of God and its wisdom!

He really should spend time,

Whether or not he feels inclined…

To dig in deeper,

He may find it cheaper

To read one or two at a time.

Unless one is “parallel”*

Switching among three or four could be hell…

Verse-by-verse comparison

Could be harassing,

But try it, if you think I can’t tell.


–Jonathan Caswell

*A Parallel Bible looks at three or so Bible translations verse-by-verse at the same time.  There is one dealing with the New Testament that compares major differences of over 35 versions, more or less, at once!



His Help, His Forgiveness

I look for help, so where does it come from?
Not by my hand or my brothers does it come.
So I look in the valley and all is quiet and still;
I lift up my eyes but my help is not on the hill.

My help comes from the Lord the Creator of all;
He’s my strength and shield He will not let me fall.
I fear not for the Lord protects and watches keeps;
He is my champion He neither slumbers nor sleeps.

The Lord keeps and protects me night and day;
His words of loving promises guide me on His way.
His precepts and laws teach me wrong from right;
And His fervent love stands guard through the night.

The Lord blessed me with a treasure of a great wife;
He gives me the wisdom to accept His good life.
And when I fall flat on my face and fail making mess;
He dust me off and reminds me of His forgiveness.

Carl A. Gooch ~ 25 April 2013