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He found himself at impasse,

Change had swamped him fast!

New passwords

Were for the birds,

But he was forced into it at last!

Word Press made changes to posting,

Different access annoying…

Someone blocked

Most blogs (I’m shocked!)

The upshot–he cannot stay coasting.

Things in a home messy,

Are worse with addressing…

Medical procedure

With time meager,

Hoping for healthiness!

Are these excuses–NAW–

Just reasons his ardor thawed…

But the man

Pedals fast as he can,

Planning poetic awe!

Jonathan Caswell




Searching why to blog,

Fact not theory logged…

Motives hidden

For each has written,

About the nature they dog!

Purpose of this beast

Is sharing your good stuff at least…

Friendships forming

But a warning,

There are limits to the love feast. (?)

Go find yourself a real friend—

Flesh and blood–if you can…

But in here

We can cheer,

But actually hold your hand?

–Jonathan Caswell



Something he’s always wondered

And who that he could ask…

Do they keep a record of his browsing time?

Can he get it expunged

Or is it under lock and key

For word press to turn over in time?

It seems to be

A separate log,

From the one in his computer he can touch…

He’s cut down his Reader load

But can he be bestowed

With his records–can it cost all that much?

Now whom should I ask

For that special task

Or am  I on my own?

I’m so busy with the blog

I’ve forgotten how to log

Certain questions with which I’ve become at home!

–Jonathan Caswell



Of many  books there’s no end,

So why publish my friend…

Poem distribution

Via the Word Press institution

Goes world-wide—less spent!

–Jonathan Caswell

(an update on Solomon!)



Finding old blogger friends gets harder o’er the years,

As many move from Word Press to other ground…

Harder than to respond and share laughter and beers*

Finding little left of common ground.

Some have gone commercial and others found new ways

With favored features all at their command…

Not willful forgetting of friends they left behind,

But making progress–that we understand.

Why I do the same

And yet complain….

High School classmates that I have ignored:

I have no excuse

For cutting people loose…

Just have feelings best left unexplored.

Happy though I be in this reality,

I cannot but feel that I’ve done wrong…

Focussing much only on those I can clutch

The ones left behind are left alone.

–Jonathan Caswell

* beers…a literary device, but nonalcoholic, of course!