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Three good days make a close shave (?),

A feeling of happiness braved…

Medicine free–

What’s wrong with me,

I’m bouncing around like a knave!

Blood sugars aren’t that high,

At least when testing is tried…

Enough good food

Improves the mood,

When health is properly eyed.

Several happy events,

Occurred so I’m less tense…

New work forms

Brought no alarms,

It’s nice when things make sense!

My little train actually ran—

More jumper wires are planned…

Buying used turnouts

Are cheaper there-abouts,

But function may not be as planned!

Was able to buy supplies,

A new rail cutter besides…

Took more “gold”

Replacing the old–

My rail joints were too rough and wide!

Doing several things right

And being praised lifted sight…

The paradox—

Have to fill my “med box”

Tomorrow or better yet–tonight.

–Jonathan Caswell