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Maybe you’re the kind of one

Who likes to pass things out…

Helping Momma or yourself,

With a giggle or shout.

I will pass my poetry

To those who appreciate…

This form of creativity,

Their reaction “pays the freight”.**

My boss stopped me at work

From handing out my nuggets of joy…

I guess possibly offending someone

Would affect his and my employ.

There’s a third-shift cashier–actually two—

For which I keep a smile…

They have no computer access

So I share with them a while.

One or two folks near home or at work

Get a copy, if it’s something good…

One or two folks I work with,

My poetry, have understood.

–Jonathan Caswell

NOTE**: To “pay the freight” is another way of saying you get enough back by doing it to make it worth your while…worth your effort.