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WAIT ON THE LORD, by Carl Gooch

Wait on the Lord
O Lord, my heart overflows with thanksgiving;
Before all men do I sing your praise.
I bow before you giving thanks to your name,
Steadfast and faithful is your love.
I hold your word and your name higher than all;
It is the promise and proof of salvation.
At my lowest point I called to you, and you came;
You strengthened my soul with hope.
All the rulers of the earth should praise you;
They have heard the words of truth.
O Lord, the kings should sing of your ways,
For great is the glory of our God.
Your reign is most high; still, you know my name;
You care for your lowly servant.
Although trouble surrounds me, my life you guard;
You protect and provide for my needs.
The Lord will fulfill His righteous purpose for me;
Your steadfast love endures forever.
Let my heart be strong as I wait upon you my Lord;
As I wait on the work of your hand.
Carl A. Gooch ~ 30 May 2013