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“D” is delightful,

What Daria is to us…

Irena is insightful,

The both of them a “plus”;

“D.” is for Daria,

A fine Polish girl’s name…

Irena and “D.” work happily

To all that paperwork tame!

Our Administrative Assistant,

A girl of twenty-three…

Does her work with fortitude

And yet has come to be

A treasured confidant to some,

To others a reminder of

Those youthful times of yesteryear

When they were in love!

Some men bring her candy

To share, watching her smile…

Some compare notes about life,

And hang around a while;

She often keeps on working

Not missing a single word…

She’s the joy of all at Riddlebrook,

We’re glad that we have her!


–Jonathan Caswell