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The Wellsboro and Corning I never,

Got a chance to visit ever…

On You tube I see

How it used to be,

Before it changed altogether!

Tioga Central trains we ran,

Ended up out there by plan…

We lost our line

The new owner inclined

  Using our equipment, which was canned.

Since those eventful days,

The railroad has changed in many ways…

New owners took over

fixing up track that was poor,

Hauling stuff for the new fracking craze!

Renamed the Corning-Wellsboro,

Railroad poised for “tomorrow”…

Became a heavy-hauling line

Which was willing to take time,

To run Tioga Central with no quarrel.

My friends who ran with me have scattered,

It was fun for as long as it mattered…

The equipment sold–

Some of us are too old

To run it if wanted or flattered!

Way out near Corning, New York,

Too long a commute to work…

But as Youtube plays

I remember those days,

Now “running” N scale on cork!

–Jonathan Caswell

(The author was a volunteer Trainman when the Tioga Central Scenic railroad ran out of first Flemingville, New York, later out of Owego, NY—the connection of that branch line with Conrail.)




I changed to watching YouTube,

A break from blogging, dude…

This model railroad

Construction film showed,

A creative great attitude.

By classical music and jazz,

He’s working with friends that he has…

To his design,

A definite sign

That modeling’s an enjoyable task.

His wife got in the show,

Being an asset who knows…

How to please her man

Doing what she can

To help the railroad grow.

Its inspiration’s Canadian,

And the building is circadian…

Fifteen feet of track every day,

Nine film parts, by the way,

He’s built a fine model train stadium!


–Jonathan Caswell





(If this has been posted before….forgive me!)


Here and now I do a new thing,

Coming on dove-like wing…

Love clothed in flesh

A Father to mesh,

Now let the universe sing!

Theologs–self-styled–on YouTube,

Harangue and gibber and prove…

Poor English knowledge

Makes their form of “scholage”

A bad form and attitude.

Love coming down deified

Becoming a Man, oft denied…

Some know-it-alls say

An emphatic “NO WAY”,

‘Cause if so, all their judgement is fried!

Religions and atheists “debate”

As an underhanded expression of hate…

One mistreats the other,

Stacked audiences mutter—

Then as “friends” they go out on a luncheon date!


–Jonathan Caswell





Words not understood,

Ignored as immaterial…

Scholarly stupid.


Forceful presentation…

Man’s logic sin-bound!

Preachers of a Law,

Don’t follow it for themselves…

Made up right along.

People of The Book,

Live by faith in God’s wording…

Skeptics loudly laugh.

Want-to-be’s cry out,

Shaking foundations with doubt…

May God deal with them!!!

Debate shows hatred,

Rivalry compounds pride…

Friendly lunch–a lie!


–Jonathan Caswell