(new lyrics to: GRANDMA’S IN THE CELLAR)

I-rish I had a shilling

For redheads unwilling

To give me even the time of day…

For many the lass

Who this poor boy will pass

Refusing to go e’en part of the way!

Chasing gold

Gets old

When the end of rainbows run away…

The finest Irish girls

Using me for finger twirls

Then finding another man with which to stay.

A guy just off the boat

Decided to devote

Energies to take away my Carol girl…

This Irish boy called George

Deepened the gorge

By taking Carol out for a whirl.

Spoke a line,

Spent his dime

To steal away my only first girlfriend…

Held back a grade he was mature

Making his girl conquest sure,

I barely saw her ’til the school year’s end!

–Jonathan Caswell

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