The “why” of church-going changes,

It takes a while for some ages…


Was important to me,

Hanging on to inadequate arrangements!

Unfed and in distress,

He was tired of sleeping in, I guess…

Found a house church

In a Catskills search,

That filled his emptiness.

These folk seriously

Studied Bible seriously…

No questions of source–

T’was God , of course,

Living by Faith–that’s for me!

No mention of godesses/earth,

Except as about-pagan mirth…

They felt sorry

For eyes gone starry,

Who pushed away Christ’s full worth.


A lot that biased minds will see…

I believe

Bible texts received,

Were and are inspired Spiritually!

–Jonathan Caswell

(The featured image is of a UNITED METHODIST CHURCH  symbol…a cross inflame  The understanding is that the flame…represents the invigorating power of the Holy Spirit in the church.)

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