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Recently, there’s been a surge of people discussing and exposing toxic behavior on social media and in their personal lives. When this first started happening, I was (well, still am) clapping my hands and even wrote a post on identifying toxic relationships; however, I’ve noticed that saying, “oh, that’s toxic!” when any disagreement happens is becoming more regular.

I could call one of my friends right now (I’m making this story up) and say, “I’m so frustrated! My fiancee never buys our coffee. I’m always the one buying stuff.” and a typical response is, “wow, that’s so toxic. He can’t pay once in a while?” But the reality could be he doesn’t even know it’s a problem because I’ve never brought it up to him, or that he usually pays for something else, so it evens out. Have I ever talked to him about it, or am I just complaining…

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