Just remembering Editor Deex,

And his concise critiques…

I wrote of a zoo

And got it wrong, too,

Had one of those brain fart leaks!!!

His PENTATETTE publication,

Turned into an education…

A MENSA project

Which I suspect

Was opened to make sure propagation.

He and his staff used “quote tease”

To energize the devotees…

“Limerick writer as friend,

Troubles never end”:

No need for enemies!!!!

Writing limericks reverberating,

One must be exacerbating…


The font of desire,

Even better–quips about mating.

Alas, I tone mine down,

A Christian must keep his head sound…

But in thought

By the Lord he is caught,

And I’m thankful God’s grace is profound!


–Jonathan Caswell




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